Medium Crystal Vase - Sand/Pink
Medium Crystal Vase - Sand/Pink

Medium Crystal Vase - Sand/Pink

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Crystallized vase. 


The ‘Crystal’ series is the result of research into stalagmites, one of the greatest wonders of nature. The growing process of the objects can be seen as a metaphor for time. Each object is unique in shape, colour and texture, due to the organic development of the object. The objects are the result of the natural crystallization of minerals and the influence of the designer on the formation process. This process can take up to several weeks to obtain the perfect shape, interesting colour combinations and dimensions of crystals.


This vase has an aluminum vase on the inside that can be easily put in and out, to change the water for the flowers. 


Height:  25 cm

Diameter: 23 cm

Weight: 6kg



Do not rinse or wash.
Do not place in direct sunlight.
Keep away from children and animals. Not food safe.
Avoid contact with water, only inner aluminum tube is water-resistant.